Mold After Water Damage

Are you concerned about mold colonies growing out of control after water damage? You have every right to be concerned about this issue.

Mold damage can happen anywhere and at any time, especially after water damage from a leaky pipe, leaky hose, or an unexpected flooding event.

Regardless of the source, the result is the same. Mold will occur after water damage if not treated in a timely fashion. Did you know mold can begin growing within 24 hours under the right conditions?

Atlanta with our warm and humid climate, mold can grow exponentially down here. We want to avoid this situation at all costs.

By contacting the water damage restoration specialists at Atlanta Flood Clean up, we can have your home or business back to pre-loss condition in no time.

Our water damage repair specialists are trained and certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). What this means for consumers, in a nutshell, is our guys know their stuff and they know it well.

They will take care of your property from start to finish in a professional manner while removing any vestige of water damage on your property.

You can trust Atlanta Flood Services for all of your water damage restoration needs. Give us a call today at 470-468-5613 to schedule an appointment. We are available to our customers 24 hours a day.